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zhejiang hengyang thermoelectricity co., ltd.


located in the development zone of shendang town, haiyang county, zhejiang hengyang thermoelectricity co., ltd, occupies an area of 125688 square meters, has over 200 employees, it is a modern joint-equity enterprise of combined heat and power.

zhejiang hengyang was incorporated and registered in december 2003, with a registered capital of rmb 102.55 million. the electric power output reaches 480 million kwh, which can realize the production capacity of 2.8 million tons. the project includes four sets of 130t/h sub-high temperature and sub-high pressure cfb boilers, one set of 24.5mw extraction condensing turbine, and three sets of 12mw back pressure steam turbine and supporting facilities.

hengyang thermoelectricity is the only utility’s thermoelectricity enterprise in haiyan county, with the designed heating capacity of 456t/h, the outlet header steam has the pressure of 0.95mpa, and the temperature of 270℃; the supply area covers shendang, yucheng, west part of wuyuan town, west part of xitang bridge as well as xinhuang town, and south part of fengqiao town in nanhu district, the steam pipelines are divided to east, west and south pipes and fengqiao pipe; by now, the heating pipeline has reached the length of over 70 kilometers; currently over 140 users have connected to the steam pipeline, with the daily consumption of about 165 tons/hour.

the company uses the cfb boiler which has a higher combustion efficiency, and equips it with high efficient external amino desulphurizing device, sncr denitration unit and dust removing bag. so2 and nox generated from production will be treated by the desulphurizing device and denitration unit, and the produced (nh4)2so4 is sold in vietnam through the domestic trading company; the coal ash and slag generation from combustion of coal are shipped outward to the building material factory; a small quantity of wastewater is included in the municipal sewage pipeline for central treatment; the noise generated from the operation of equipment will be eliminated by the silencer and noise enclosure as the case may be. the discharges and emissions are fulfilling the latest national standards.

the company has successively won the honors such as major industry launching project in jiaxing, advanced enterprise of industrial production investment in jiaxing, top 10 contributing enterprises in haiyan county, advanced industrial enterprise of energy saving in haiyan county, industrial winner of emission reduction in haiyan city, leading industrial enterprise of over three hundred million output in haiyan county and so forth.