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Sex and the Sedative: Is There a Price for Happiness?

A 1984 article in The Village Voice titled “Sex or a Sense of Humor?” was comprised of impromptu interviews with Greenwich Village types who were given a choice of (sic) giving up sex or their sense of humor. All but one chose to keep the chortles coming, which was cited as their only survival tactic in a sea of one night can’t stands. Besides, why choose?

An annual checkup with a General Practioner and affirmative answers to a 10 question true or false test (‘Have your sleeping habits changed?’, ‘Has your appetite increased/decreased’), can net patient prescriptions to antidepressants. According to the script info, after five days, most patients experience a noticeable lift in spirits. They become more outgoing, handle the stresses of work more easily, and their social life soars. In addition, it is non-addictive, cheap (with insurance coverage), legal, and readily accessible. Joan E. Lisante wriites in an article a potential 1.5 billion of the world’s population currently take antidepressants.