Four Ways To Wear Sexy Pieces In The Office: How To Incorporate Sexy Clothes Into An Office Wardrobe

For the most part, wearing something sexy, such as fishnet stockings in the office, are frowned upon, because they receive negative reactions or comments. But some women want to have a little sexy oomph or add some fashionable femininity to their boring, boxy pantsuits. Below are ways to incorporate those sexy pieces into an office wardrobe without the Human Resources manager sending out emails about the office dress code. The key is not overdoing it.

Fishnet Stockings

As noted above, fishnet stockings are frowned upon when it comes to office attire, and with good reason. Fishnets remind people of what a stripper may wear or other over-sexualized attire, best suited for the bedroom and not a professional office. But women who want to feel sexy at work can actually give fishnets a try.

Nice, classic black fishnet stockings (in other words, from a lingerie store, not a novelty shop) should not be worn with a short miniskirt in an office environment. Instead, it’s best to wear them with a little bit more of a longer, conservative skirt or dress, which will offset the “too sexy for the office” vibe. Avoid colored or trendy fishnets. Partner your look with heels of average height to tone down the sexy stockings.

Short Skirts

Mini skirts are another piece of clothing that is frowned upon in professional offices. Most women know that it’s actually more comfortable to wear a short skirt, since it feels less confining and buttoned-up than the traditional pantsuit. Most offices require that skirts not be higher than three inches above the knee.

Wearing a skirt in the office that’s a little shorter than three inches (maybe four, but not micro-mini) can be achieved without receiving negative attention. By pairing a short skirt or dress with solid, black tights, the look gets toned down tremendously. It can even be worn with knee-high flat or low-heeled black boots during colder months. The top half should be conservative, such as a suit jacket or cardigan, to balance the bottom half.

Underwear as Outerwear

Sometimes, it gets hot and stuffy when wearing a suit jacket or blazer, especially in the summertime. But it’s never okay to wear the cute, lace camisole from a boyfriend to the office, if the straps are showing.

The key to this look is simple: keep the suit jacket or chic blazer on and buttoned, at least halfway. If a suit jacket is too stuffy, keep a matching cardigan handy and switch them when it gets too hot. Also, try wearing a solid black or nude tank top (with spaghetti straps) underneath to prevent peek-a-boo. Managers don’t want to see deep cleavage hanging out during an office meeting.

Sky-high Heels

For women that can actually bear to walk in sky-high heels for eight hours a day and feel sexy and great the entire time, they can and should do it. Though most professional office environments don’t make requirements about heel heights, sky-high heels can be looked at as overtly sexual, especially when paired with the aforementioned fishnets or short skirt. But some women love the height and confidence extremely high-heels gives them.

Again, being more conservative with skirt lengths can give the balance needed for wearing sexy, sky-high heels. Avoid wearing them with shorter skirts, which doesn’t look professional. Also, wearing extremely high heels gives the illusion of looking taller and slimmer when paired with a solid pantsuit, which looks sexy, yet polished.

Sexy pieces can be incorporated into a work wardrobe without negative attention by using the right approach. The key is to not overdo it, which means balancing the look by toning down the sexual aspect of very sexy pieces. Also, avoid wearing more than one piece at a time. By doing so, women can achieve wearing sexy, fashionable, feminine items and still look professional in an office environment.